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Teachers of Writing: A blog from Beirut's AUB

Hello Everyone!Nice to have seen you all at the Tawasol/Tempus conferences, truly a pleasure. To continue our networking, I share with you a new blog about teaching in Lebanon which is coordinated by three instructors in the department of EnglishAmany
submitted by Amany Al-Sayyed, 14 February 2014
American University of Beirut

Miss ALL

submitted by Hussain Al-Soudi, 30 October 2013
Hashemite University

International Service Learning and Civic Engagement Conference

The International Service Learning and Civic Engagement Conference took place in Jordan at Hashemite University under the patronage of HRH QueenRania Al Abdullah of Jordan. She was represented by Professor Wajih Oweis, Minister of Higher Education and scientific Research and President of...
submitted by Sofia Nazalya, 29 October 2013
Roehampton University

Universities must inspire students as well as teach
submitted by Rana Dajani, 28 October 2013
Hashemite University

Home is where your heart is...

Greetings everybody,I spent quite a while gazing at this blank space and thinking what should I write, but at the end I decided to follow my heart. It's been a bit more than a year since our trip to Ireland where I, personally, learned things and met people, that in a way or another, contributed...
submitted by Adam Lebzo, 24 October 2013
Hashemite University

One year on.......

Dear Students of Tawasol - many of you have emailed to reminisce about your adventure in Ireland on the year anniversary of your two week study tour at NUI Galway in 2012. We would love to hear form you on the Tawasol website as to how this study tour impacted on your personally, civically and...
submitted by Lorraine McIlrath, 10 October 2013
National University of Ireland, Galway

Who else is ready? :)

This August I travelled to Jordan and Lebanon to visit as many of the wonderful people I met through Tawasol as I could, and I was fortunate to meet many of you again. You let me in to your homes, introduced me to your families and friends and made me truly feel like I was a part of your world....
submitted by Ingvild Willwerth, 09 October 2013
Roehampton University

Mentor for project in Lebanon

Dear Tawasol participants,Some of you might know me and some might not. I am a student, studying Global Studies (International Relations) at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. I was present at the conference in Galway last year as well as in Amman. I thank everyone who made that...
submitted by Carl Bradshaw, 01 September 2013
University of Gothenburg

The story of the Service Learning Center at Hashemite University

I was in my office after returning from the US after finishing my PhD. I had been teaching for a couple of months and had realized that our students are graduating without a clue on how to apply the knowledge they had acquired. The mission of the university is to produce individuals who can...
submitted by Rana Dajani, 20 July 2013
Hashemite University
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