Michele Lamb, 08 September 2011
Roehampton University

getting blogging - my expectations for this week

Hi there, I hope you have enjoyed learning more about how to use our Tawasol website this week. I wanted to remind everyone about the three blogs we are writing about a) our expectations of this week; b) what we have experienced, and c) what we are taking away with us. To start us of, I thought I would add my 'expectations' blog.

As I have already blogged, this is the first Tawasol workshop that I have run without David so everything was going to be new. It was great to hear David's name mentioned so often in our opening ceremony and we are definately going to miss him.

Corinna, Jackie and I have been working for some time on putting together the programme for this week. But of course its all theory until everyone actually arrives, so we didn't really know whether the programme would fit together and meet its objectives. I was also worried about the food - that you didn't go hungary and that it was tasty and hot. I didn't want you to go away with a bad impression of English food! Other than that I didn't know what to expect except that I was looking forward to reconnecting with many old friends, and meeting some new ones. It has been great to hear from Nancy in Jordan who has been sending us best wishes even though she is not with us. Thankyou Nancy!

So we are no more than half way through the workshop. Hope to hear what other participants were expecting from this workshop soon!