Home is where your heart is...

Greetings everybody,I spent quite a while gazing at this blank space and thinking what should I write, but at the end I decided to follow my heart. It's been a bit more than a year since our trip to Ireland where I, personally, learned things and met people, that in a way or another, contributed in ...
submitted by Adam Lebzo, 24 October 2013
Hashemite University

Mentor for project in Lebanon

Dear Tawasol participants,Some of you might know me and some might not. I am a student, studying Global Studies (International Relations) at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. I was present at the conference in Galway last year as well as in Amman. I thank everyone who made that possible.I w ...
submitted by Carl Bradshaw, 01 September 2013
University of Gothenburg

The story of the Service Learning Center at Hashemite University

I was in my office after returning from the US after finishing my PhD. I had been teaching for a couple of months and had realized that our students are graduating without a clue on how to apply the knowledge they had acquired. The mission of the university is to produce individuals who can make ...
submitted by Rana Dajani, 20 July 2013
Hashemite University

GUNI Conference 2013 Barcelona

Dear friends and colleagues - happy 2013 and looking forward to our continued collaboration. I would like to draw your attention to the forthcoming GUNI confernece to be held in May 2013 in Barcelona - this will be a good space for you to share and progress civic engagement activities - there is al ...
submitted by Lorraine McIlrath, 15 January 2013
National University of Ireland, Galway

Hashemite Student Wins Award

Many congratulations to Dania Alkateeb, a former student of Service Learning at Hashemite University. Dania Alkateeb, presented a film about a community project that she developed during our recent conference in Jordan. Since then, Dania has received an award from the International Youth Foundation ...
submitted by Michele Lamb, 10 December 2012
Roehampton University

Tawasol Project- International conference in Jordan: A message from the Founder

As the original founder of the Tawasol project, I would like to share these few words with the Tawasol community.بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمThe goal of education in general and our university in particular is to produce responsible citizens who can recognize problems and solve them ...
submitted by Rana Dajani, 16 November 2012
Hashemite University

Center service Learning

this Photos Conference EU Preparation and submission of Dr Randa mahasneh https://www.facebook.com/LamsahAtaa#!/photo.php?fbid=287388041375748&set=a.287388018042417.67753.247063218741564&type=1&theater ...
submitted by Danya Alkhateb, 26 September 2012
Hashemite University

Talloires Network in Service Learning

Dear Colleagues, the University of Roehampton has updated its web entry on the Talloires International Service Learning Network website to promote the Tawasol Project. Look here for more information: http://www.tufts.edu/talloiresnetwork/?pid=127 ...
submitted by Michele Lamb, 20 March 2012
Roehampton University

Visit to Tawasol Centre at Hashemite University

Dr Michele Lamb and Dr Stephen Driver from the University of Roehampton visited the Tawasol Centre for Service Learning at Hashemite University on 8th March 2012. The Centre is run by Tawasol co-Director Dr Randa Al Mahasneh (picture here).
submitted by Michele Lamb, 16 March 2012
Roehampton University

Photographs from the Amman Workshop 2011

Here are some great photographs from the workshop held in Amman in December. For the full report, go to the meetings section of the Tawasol website.
submitted by Michele Lamb, 05 March 2012
Roehampton University

International Arab Conference on e-Technology

I would like to invite tawasol group to attend our conference "the International Arab Conference on e-Technology" which will held at Zarqa University on 25-27 April, 2012. for more information please visit our website:www.iace-t.org
submitted by Hamed Fawareh, 16 January 2012
Zarqa Private University

Music in the Community

Hello all, I met recently with Music Harvest a non-profit independent charity that recruits volunteers to teach music in the Middle East. You may be interested in linking in with them - they are seeking volunteers to teach a variety of musical instruments! http://www.musicharvest.org/ ...
submitted by Lorraine Tansey, 11 January 2012
National University of Ireland, Galway

Insert a news headline here...

Dear Tawasol Colleagues, May I wish you a very Happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. I am looking forward to working with everyone this year to acheive great Tawasol activities. Best wishes, Michele
submitted by Michele Lamb, 05 January 2012
Roehampton University

Article in Chronicles of Higher Education about the service learning center at Hashemite University

submitted by Rana Dajani, 01 December 2011
Hashemite University

CALL for Papers- AUB

submitted by Samer Annous, 10 September 2011
University of Balamand

workshop news

Dear ColleaguesWish you a successful workshopHuda/ Hashemite University/Jordan
submitted by Huda Al Hourani, 08 September 2011
Hashemite University

Group Photograph

Dear all, here is a photo of us after the Opening Ceremony. It was taken by Saad Bani-Mohammad. Michele[ download the photograph ] ...
submitted by Michele Lamb, 08 September 2011
Roehampton University

Zarqa University group to Bueirt

Dear Tawasol commitee Zarqa University group to Bueirt is posted in our groups link... welcome to TAWASOL.
submitted by Hamed Fawareh, 14 January 2011
Zarqa Private University

New Group to Beirut from Hashemite University

We welcome the new group joined us and will be at Beirut meeting on Jan 25, 2011:Dr. Faisal Al-Madi Dr. Ahmad Khasawneh Dr. Awni Teradat Dr. Bashar Hammad Dr. Huda Al Hourani Dr. Merfat Fayes Dr. Lina Mrayan ...
submitted by Aieman Al-Omari, 11 January 2011
Hashemite University

"Education is not preparation for life. .. It is life itself"

My feedbact to Thursday workshop: "We can bring the world to University and bring University to the world by extending the walls of our classroom through service learning rich experiences in creative ways" Please visit our website: http://elc.hu.edu.jo ...
submitted by Ahmad Khasawneh, 03 January 2011
Hashemite University

Great Project :)

Really enjoyed much the Thursday workshop prepared by Dr. Randa Mahasneh and Dr. Ayman Omari. Great opportunity to hear from Dr. Azizah, Dr. Rana and Dr. Sahar experience! :) Thanks all for having me. J ...
submitted by Ahmad Khasawneh, 03 January 2011
Hashemite University

2011 EU Year of the Volunteer

The EU has designated 2011 the European Year of the Volunteer - might be nice for Tawasol to organise an event! See http://www.eyv2011.eu/
submitted by Lorraine McIlrath, 13 September 2010
National University of Ireland, Galway

Argentina August 2010 - Service Learning Conference

Friends - Professor Maria Nieves Tapia and CLAYSS invite you to participate in the “XIII International Service-Learning Conference” which will take place on August 26-27th at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina Convention Center, located in the San JoséBuilding, Av. Al ...
submitted by Lorraine McIlrath, 14 July 2010
National University of Ireland, Galway

University students tackle illiteracy- Balamand

submitted by Samer Annous, 14 July 2010
University of Balamand


See http://www.campusengage.ie/home/upcoming_events/ for a list of conferences related to the broad theme of civic engagement and higher education. Also, another of interest is the ‘International Society for Third-Sector Research’ (ISTR) which will be held in Istanbul July 7th to 10th 2 ...
submitted by Lorraine McIlrath, 28 June 2010
National University of Ireland, Galway

Tawasol Website

On Tuesday, 15 June, the Tawasol Website was launched by the NUI Galway’s Deputy President and Registrar, Professor Jim Ward. The website, www.tawasol.org was designed and developed by a Galway based web application and animation company, Starlight Solutions, who have used a system of social n ...
submitted by Randa Almahasneh, 15 June 2010
Hashemite University