Ahmad Khasawneh, 02 January 2011
Hashemite University

Dr. Ahmad Al-Khasawneh (PhD)
Director of e-Learning Center
BEng Computer Engineering | MEng | PhD
Hashemite University Phone (962) (5) 390 3333 ext. 4295
P.O. Box 150459, Zarqa 13115, Jordan

e-mail: akhasawneh@hu.edu.jo | http://staff.hu.edu.jo/khasawneh

Dr. Ahmad Al-Khasawneh is a Director of e-Learning Center of Hashemite University in Jordan. Dr. Khasawneh holds the Ph.D. of Information Systems Technology, M.S in Information Technology and Computer Engineering both from Newcastle University, Australia and B.S in Computer and Automatic Control Engineering, Jordan. His research spans the topics of e-business, e-commerce, e-governments, IS and software development process and methodologies; development approaches for emerging technologies and electronic commerce applications; and exploring electronic commerce applications in businesses and government agencies. He has involved of many presentation and workshop in academic area in Jordan. Dr. Khasawneh has a 15-years experience in ICT field and in ICT applications. He also serves as the Director of the ICT’s research group and has a direct mandate to develop and deliver an Academic-Government-wide e-agenda. He has been managing Galileo and Royal Jordanian Airlines R&D project since 1994, ranging from instrumentation development, to network deployment to IT applications. Dr. Khasawneh acts as technical advisor to the Royal Jordanian Galileo (NDC Jordan) director on issues related to the development of travel industry and ICT strategy, and the establishment of strategic partnerships with other airlines and international ICT vendors. Dr. Khasawneh is a member of the Open Source/Open Standards Discussion Group. Prior to joining the Hashemite University of Jordan, Dr. Khasawneh held several key positions with major international ICT consultancy and solutions firms. Highlights of his career include the positions of Senior Chief Technology Officer at Royal Jordanian Airlines, Galileo international Group - Manager and lecturer in IT related topics at Newcastle University, Australia. Dr. Khasawneh has developed a proven experience in managing Research Projects on Information Technology.