Jibrel Harb Al-Saudi, 03 February 2012
Tafila Technical Univeristy
I am working as a lecturer at the World Islamic Sciences & Education University (WISE). I worked at Tafila Technical University (TTU) for 7 years, where my main duties included teaching general English courses to undergraduate students, and teaching Major English courses and Language Skills to students of the English. I also conducted many TOEFL preparation courses and English for the faculty, the staff of the university, and the students. I have a distinguished educational and professional background that enabled me to work in various educational and professional institutions. I worked for Electricity Distribution Co. (EDCO) in Amman as an instructor of English and Translator. I conducted a number of training courses on ESP (English for Specific Purposes). Later, I held the position of Head of Training and Administrative Development Dept. in the company for 2 years. Then I worked as instructor at the American Education Center, Doha, Qatar, where I taught English and TOEFL preparation courses. I also had taught English at Jordanian high schools for five years.
amazing biography Dr.Jibrelwill we see you in Galway?